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Aurelia found yoga over 14 years ago as a way to relax.  Her earliest influence was in Iyengar style with a teacher who studied directly from Roger Eischens.  With this foundation, she deepened her practice with influences from Hatha, Ashtanga, Kripalu and Bikram Yoga.  Meditation and Pranayama have been an integral part of her daily life for many years.  She has experienced the transformative power of the yogic lifestyle and is inspired to share this with her students.  She brings a soothing and calming style of teaching to her classes.


Aurelia completed teacher training at NYC in 2018.  She is a massage therapist and has trained with Muhkti in the art of Thai Vedic Yoga Bodywork.  Aurelia also serves our clients from the front desk with enthusiasm and charm.


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